My first visit to NYC was in 1997 - I visited my sister during my exchange year. The enormous energy of this city is so vibrant and alive - something I had never felt before. It is fast, uplifting and revitalising at the same time, addictive in a good way. I kept coming back for this and for the feeling of freedom and the unlimited possibilities. The sky is the limit - you can feel and taste it walking down the street. It is, of course, the very heart of capitalism - time is money, this is visible everywhere in the city. Yet as a tourist it is much easier to let the bustle of the city just pass me by and enjoy Manhattan with it's splendid museums and many restaurants at a slower pace, to fully absorb all the details and nuances between the lines. “In a New York minute” they say- and it is true that time there always seems to run faster than other places. Whenever I leave the city, I feel that the visit was too short. Right now, in 2020, the city that never sleeps IS truly sleeping, perhaps for the very first time. Can you imagine New York without it’s famous sound track of sirens, helicopters, honking taxis and millions of voices in all languages?  The inhabitants call this “New York On Pause”.  I very much hope that NYC will rise like a phoenix from the ashes again and that I can go back soon. 

All images in this gallery are analog medium format and from 2018 and 2019.

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