One of my favorite places I have visited so far. It`s somehow magical to me - thousand and one night. The striking red of the buildings, the souk, the natives and their hospitality, the history, the food, the climate, their mint tea and so much more. A city full of contrast and a special beauty to it. Unfortunatly many people for religious reasons don`t like to be photographed - especially on the street. The Hasselblad H2 is a quite big camera and being a blond woman probably also didn`t help with shooting candid. So I have rather few pictures but I still wanted to show them. The black and white series is one film (delta3200) I shot within a five minute walk late in the evening. Coming from a restaurant we had to go through that street to reach a bigger street to grab a taxi. I had the film in the camera (it`s highly light sensitive - fast) and I didn`t want to waste it (knowing I didn`t want to shoot it in the bright sunlight). So I pushed through and ignored the neagtive energy. Later I was told that if I would have been alone it might have gotten dangerous for me - being so disrecpectful.

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