the magic of photography

Life may best be understood looking back, however, it is best being experienced in the present, the now - each fleeting, ephemeral moment truly unique. And yet, it is my ambition to freeze time with photography. A beautiful paradox indeed. Really preserving the here and now, as if frozen in amber. An almost alchemical process to match the magic of love and isn`t that what life is all about?

behind the lens

My name is Valerie Haase, 

I am a fine art film photographer from Berlin.

Living in the moment is just as important to me as capturing it.

The feeling I get when I press the shutter and I just know I got it! The energy of the moment goes into the picture and time stands still. It’s truly satisfying and what keeps me shooting.

I value novel experience, can’t resist the whiff of adventure and the excitement of discovery, which is probably why I enjoy traveling so much. Add a lifelong passion for culinary experience and you have all the ingredients for someone who never gets tiered of exploring our beautiful world.

begining of an loveafair

My mom worked in advertising and I was five years old when she took me to a calendar shooting. I vividly remember the whole event in painstaking detail and this is probably where my love affair with photography truly began. The beautiful model thrown in a dune against a clear blue sky with a ancient lighthouse  in the background and the photographer in the sand have been etched in my mind ever since. I was riveted and lost my heart to the beautiful art that is photography.

My dad’s influence was equally paramount. From the time I was small I remember him being passionate about photography. I feel privileged having inherited his camera when I started to seriously get involved with the subject during my studies of Communication Design in 2000. Photography came easy to me and the academy’s high end studio and dark room felt like a wonderland. Back then I tried my hand at every technique imaginable and already shot both analog and digital - just as I do today.

evolve through passion

Shooting hybrid gives me the chance to combine the best of both worlds, the superior aesthetics of film and the sheer endless possibilities of digital photography.

I am excited to constantly learn and just love to challenge myself, becoming the best version of myself in the process, as an artist and a human being.

Above all, I love connecting with people, grasping their spirit, understanding their character and maybe even getting a glimpse of their soul. 

Ultimately trying to do justice to each moment’s essence in a photograph, to truly see instead of merely look. This is my passion and I`ll be happy to share it with you.






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